Instructions for authors


Structural parameters:

The article must necessarily have elements that meet the following parameters:

  1. Metadata of the article in Russian, English and the native language of the author (Scientific specialty, UDC, DOI, title of the article, copyright sign (copyright), scientific identifiers of the author, full name of the author, position, organization, address of the organization, personal email, abstract and keywords) – are not checked for plagiarism.
  2. Body of the article:

– General formulation of the problem and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks.
– Analysis of recent researches and publications, which dealt with aspects of the problem and were used by the author; allocation unresolved parts of the general problem.
– Formulation of the purposes of the article (problem description).
– Presentation of the main research material with full justification of scientific results.
– Conclusion of the study and the prospects for further research in this direction.

3. Bibliography.

Technical specifications:

File names:

LastName_directed_town (e.g. Stuart_law_Edinburg)

Total volume: 3-5 pages of printed text A-4 size (up to the list of references).

Standards: font Times New Roman, font size — 10, line spacing — 1, paragraph indent — 0.5 cm, all margins — 2 cm, list of references — IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE IN THE TEXT (not less than 20 titles), the text processor MS Word, type file — document Word 97-2003 (it is obligatory).

Keywords (three lines) and abstract (at least 150-200 words) in English and Russian.

Non-breaking spaces between the numbers, initials and surname.

Do not confuse the hyphen (-) and the intra-word dash (-).

Formulas are made through the formula editor «MathType» or «Microsoft Equation», the size of characters — 10 (it is obligatory), the length of the formulas should not exceed 80 mm (it is obligatory), Roman characters are typed in italic font, Greek characters — right font).

Figures made in vector graphics are to be placed in single object or grouped. Scanned drawings must be scanned with the resolution at least 300 dpi.

Reference Information:

1. To determine the UDC, you can use the following links:



2. For the translation into Russian or other languages, you can use the following links (BUT BE SURE TO GIVE AT PROOFREADING TO COMPETENT TRANSLATOR):

A) (translates patronymic and degrees)


3. To check the article on anti-plagiarism (verification required) link:

A) (results are stored by the author and are available to editors on request).

SEE SAMPLES if the question arises!


Every paper submitted for publishing in journal «SCIENTIFIC VECTOR OF THE BALKANS» shall be reviewed.

Double blind peer review – neither the author nor the reviewer know each other (the work is presented without a title page with a number known only to the editor.

Within one day after the paper submission, the authorized secretary shall forward the paper to Deputy Editor responsible for a corresponding science field to select reviewers, who can be appointed from specialists with PhD or Doctor degree in the respective field of science. The members of the Editorial Board can be reviewers as well.
The Deputy Editor chooses a reviewer within three days. The authorized secretary forwards the manuscript to the reviewer within one day.

Deputy editor in the relevant thematic way within 3 days, provided there is a reference for the purpose of the scientific field, which is characterized by a certain scientific character and national competence of the author. scientific specialty, direction and nationality. If necessary, consult the editor-in-chief who is not on the list of members of the Editorial Board; consent to be included in the extension of the panel of reviewers.

By his actions, the Deputy Editor should select such a reviewer for an initial blind review to ensure the impartial evaluation process and to show that the reviewers are independent of the authors, ie they are not related to the same institution. for this purpose, may ask the reviewer for general information on how far he / she knows the author in question, who will review it.

It respects the basic rule of choosing a reviewer who does not work in the same institution as the author of the scientific publication.
The reviewer makes a review (fill in the form below), and he or she e-mails it to the authorized secretary: (for articles in bulgarian language), ((for articles in other languages) within 3 weeks after he or she receives the paper.
The reviewer can recommend the paper to be accepted for publication; recommend it to be accepted for publication with revision; or recommend to decline the paper. If the reviewer recommends the paper to be accepted for publication with revision, or recommends the paper to be declined, he or she is to provide reasons for such decision in the review.
If the paper is recommended for publication with revision, the authorized secretary shall forward the review to the author for revision.
Upon receiving the revised paper the authorized secretary forwards the manuscript it to the same reviewer for another review within one day.
In case the material is declined, the authorized secretary e-mails the review to the author and points out the possibility of repeated reviewing at the author’s discretion. The reviewer’s name will be revealed to the author only by a written consent of the reviewer.
In case the paper is rejected for the second time, the authorized secretary e-mails the review to the author. The paper can not be reviewed more than two times.
The paper is forwarded for technical editing after reviewing. The Technical Editor can reject the paper and send it to the author for revision to make sure it meets all formal and technical requirements. The paper can be rejected by the Editor-in-Chief/Editor responsible for a specific science field for the reasons of his or her disagreement with the review, discovered conflict of interests, or violation of ethics.

Most common reasons for declining:

– the paper has poor or incorrect structure

– the paper is not enough detailed for readers to fully understand the analysis offered by the authors

– the paper has no scientific novelty

– the paper has not enough relevant references

– the paper contains theories, concepts or conclusions that are not properly substantiated by necessary data, argumentations or information

– the paper does not provide detailed enough description of methods and materials, which would allow other researchers to repeat the experiment

– the paper lacks clear descriptions or explanations of verifiable hypotheses, details and stages of experiments, examples of statistical or experimental samples

– the paper gives poor description of conducted experiments, or contains errors and mistakes, or does not include statistical analysis

– the paper is written with the language that does not meet the requirements to a scientific paper

– the paper contains unsubstantiated criticism towards the existing fundamental propositions, generally accepted theories and facts

– the paper has an expressed political character, and contains statements and appeals inconsistent with generally accepted norms.

If your paper was declined

– consider all the points that the editor and the reviewer have commented on;

– describe all the revisions made to your paper in your cover letter;

– conduct all additional experiments or analyses recommended by the reviewer (if you are sure that those changes will not make your paper better, please substantiate this opinion in detail);

– in the cover letter describe all the reviewer’s comments you agree with, and those you disagree with;

– provide polite and scientific substantiation of all the comments you do not agree with;

– please highlight all revisions and changes you made in your paper;

– send the revised manuscript together with your cover letter within the period of time set by the editor.

It is better not to choose another journal for your publication, unless either of the following happened:

– the editor sent you an answer that the subject matter of your paper does not fit the journal

– your paper was declined even after you have revised each comment and recommendation of the reviewer

– your paper was declined by two reviewers or the editor

– the process of manuscript consideration takes much more time than the journal standard procedure, and the editors can not expedite it. In this case, it is very important that you notify the editors that you decided not to publish your paper in this journal before you submit the paper for publishing in another journal.

Publication of a paper is a complicated process, and you are expected to be ready to work on your paper making sure conside.


The author(s) independently sending the scientific article, undertake the following obligations: they transfer the journal’s editions non-exclusive rights to use the scientific article by reproducing it, using the scientific article as whole or fragmentarily in combination with any text, photographs or drawings, full-text network versions of the numbers on the website of the journal.

The author(s) is (are) responsible for the misuse in the scientific article of intellectual property objects, copyright objects or «know-how» in full in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The author(s) confirm that the article being sent is published first time and was not sent in another journals. The author(s) agrees to process their personal data in accordance Personal Data Protection Act (Personal Data Protection Act) in force since 01.01.2002 (updated SG  No. 1 of 4 January 2002): surname, name, second name, scientific degree, academic title, position, place(s) of work and/or training, contact information at the place of work and/or training, with a goal to publishing the article in the journal. The author (s) confirm that the scientific article being sent does not contain data or information with limited access and that it does not require the permission of the Ministry of Education or other ministries and departments for its publication.

The author(s) of the article is (are) familiar with and agree with the following conditions:

— the author’s rights for a scientific article belong to the author (s) of this article;

— copyrights to the journal number (in whole) belong to the founder of the journal;

— the editorial board of the journal has the right to provide the scientific articles to Russian and foreign organizations that provide indexes of scientific citation;

— the editorial board of the journal has the right to make the necessary clarifications and abbreviations;

— remuneration (fee) for published articles is not paid, materials of scientific articles sent to the editorial office are not returned to author (s).

However, the authors have the right to use all materials in their subsequent publications, if it provided that a reference is made to publications in our journal.

The contents of the journal are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC license.


All articles submitted for publication in the journal are checked for anti-plagiarism, and the violation requires strict measures from the editorial board of the journal.

Before to check the article (check is required), use the Antiplagiat website (the results are kept by the author and sent at the request of the editorial board).

f, when typesetting in InDesign or uploading to the RSCI (they see everything), your article will find a replacement of the same type of letters from different alphabets, words are inserted in the form of formulas or incorrect characters are applied in words in order to increase the originality of the text (unfortunately Word and Antiplagiat of this do not see) – the article will be deleted, and all information will be transferred to your organization.


  1. The article is drawn up in accordance with the “Guide to the style of article writing" and submitted to the editorial office of the journal by the author himself.
  2. The finished article should be sent in electronic form to the Editorial Board of the journal «SCIENTIFIC VECTOR OF THE BALKANS» to the official e-mail address (be sure to indicate the scientific direction): (for articles in bulgarian language), ((for articles in other languages).
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